Game Guide ChainClash

After talking about the ChainClash game earlier, now it’s time to see how it works in detail in this guide. Here are some tips to play it at its best without making mistakes as a beginner and enjoy the title to the full.

Remember that ChainClash, for the moment, is still in beta phase, but most of the functions are operational and so we won’t have any problems playing it, going to the official page of the game.

The interface is very simple and you just need to press the „Play The Game“ button on the homepage to start and connect with your wallet. In this case we will use Scatter from pc.

In case you don’t have a wallet to manage EOS or an EOS account, the Wombat wallet comes to the rescue and allows you to create an EOS account for free, even if the cost of exporting the private key is around €2.

In the upper menu of the game we find the daily prize, so you will have to do the claim every day manually, while in the right side we have the store and the daily contest of the ranking, while in the middle we find the info about our character, our objects, and at the bottom the various menus, Dojo, Store, Challenges, Ranks and Profile.

At the beginning we can choose a character, or rather an avatar, according to the blockchain we prefer among Bitcoin Freedom scam , EOS, TRX, BCH, ETH, BAD and others, although this will not affect the characteristics of our character.

Being a game of the fighting category, the aim of the game is to fight with other players and increase the level, getting the experience from the various duels.

For the moment the maximum level an avatar can reach is level 70 and it will take a long time to reach it. Some items, such as the Trinity Boost, allow you to gain more resources from fighting and thus advance faster.

Avatars can also be trained by pressing the „Train“ button, but we’ll need the „Training Tickets“ to train our avatar. Depending on how many we use, we could get up to 24 hours of training. At the end of the training we will get the „Shards“ that allow us to increase a character parameter between „Strength“, „Resilience“, „Agility“ and „Wisdom“.

ChainClash Marketplace Guide

By going into the game marketplace instead, we can sell and buy both avatars and names for our avatars. In fact, to change the character name we need to have items called „Name Tags“. Character prices are variable depending on the level and rarity of the avatar, for example Crystal Rose’s avatar was sold for 1000 EOS.

If instead we want to sell our avatar, then we have to click on the image of the avatar and click on the „Sell“ button and enter the sale parameters such as the minimum and maximum price, the duration of the sale and we confirm the transaction with our wallet.

We remind you that on EOS, which works with an account system, the sale order will be registered inside our RAM.

Fighting with characters

In order to fight with our character we will have to press the „Clash“ button and choose the arena suitable for our level. The game will control the players online and prepare our match, while we only have to confirm whether we want to fight with that opponent or cancel the fight.

ChainClash Rewards

In order to participate in the daily pool, which distributes the prizes according to the ranking of our avatar, we must perform at least 5 battles and according to the result we will have obtained check the next day how many EOS we will have recovered.

Obviously the higher our result the more EOS we will recover. The prize will be automatically distributed in our account.

Remember that every time we perform a battle, our character’s energy will be consumed little by little and if it drops to zero, then he will die and we will have to wait 24 hours before we can resurrect him.

The advice is therefore to carry out the battles until we have enough energy, and if it is not enough we can replay after a couple of hours so in the meantime the energy will be recharged.